On second thoughts, let’s not talk about why I bought so many graphic novels

So, I had a plan on how to do this, and it seemed quite neat. What I had been writing up until a short while ago was the first of probably four, maybe five, parts of the one whole post, intended to make for easier reading, discussing my reasons for buying this book and then that, and so on. But as I was closing in on finishing the first post, which was only about the Judge Dredd books I’ve bought over the course of the year, I realised that I was spending ages talking about each one, which will be better left for when I come to actually read and review them properly.

Here, instead, is a basic list of the books I’ve bought over this entire year, many of which are from the last few months, and all of which except Cradlegrave have gone unread until I hopefully start tomorrow. My intended order, if you’re wondering, is to begin with both Whatever Happened To…? stories, read The Killing Joke, then read Jeph Loeb’s four Batman graphic novels, then finally read Grant Morrison’s run on Batman, at which point I’m not sure what I’ll do. We’ll start with the 2000AD stuff to kick us off.

Judge Dredd: Volumes 6 – 15 of the Complete Case Files, as well as supplementary stories that I consider essential which are America, Tales of the Dead Man and Chopper: Surf’s Up; the Tour of Duty storyline; the Day of Chaos mega epic; Trifecta; and the Henry Flint collection, which I think is Dredd stories only. Although not Dredd, I also bought both volumes of Mega City Undercover set in Mega City One, featuring characters that cross paths with Dredd on numerous occasions.

Other 2000AD stories: The Ballad of Halo Jones; both volumes of Zombo; both volumes of Shakara (you should see a pattern in that I bought a lot of stuff with Henry Flint on art duties); Cradlegrave; both volumes of Caballistics Inc. (although the second volume doesn’t actually finish the series, I do have the remaining stories from when I collected the strip); and the recently released sequel of sorts, Absalom: Ghosts of London.

A lot of books already, eh? Well, prepare your pants because here is the list of DC stuff, and god fucking help me for this.

Batman: Jeph Loeb and Tim Sales’ run on the character (having bought Haunted Knight and The Long Halloween in Times Square during a sale, I decided to buy the other two as well); The Killing Joke; Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?; Grant Morrison’s entire Batman run, including the Black Casebook to help understand some of the events that take place; The Black Mirror; Scott Synder and Greg Capullo’s New 52 relaunch of the character, including Night of the Owls; The Joker – Death of the Family, also part of New 52; Batman: Hush (yet to be arrived); and, finally, Hush Unwrapped, which is basically the same book as the last but only with Jim Lee’s pencil work – no inking or colouring, except in the captions.

And if you think that’s insane enough…

Other DC Stuff: Scott Synder’s New 52 run of Swamp Thing (have never read Alan Moore’s popular run, so I saw this as a good joining point); the New 52 relaunch of Animal Man (unarrived), which ties into Swamp Thing and also happens to be one of the more popular stories in the New 52 line; Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? which I bought figuring that, since I bought the Batman equivalent of this, I might as well see Moore’s popular idea, even though I’m not a Superman reader at all; and, because I’m not a Superman reader, I decided to buy the massively popular All Star Superman by Grant Morrison which I’m actually dying to read because of that fucking amazing art.

“Is…is it over…?”, you might be asking. Well…no. There’s the first two Deluxe volumes of Fables that have yet to arrive but, thankfully, since those hardcovers are nowhere close to being as up to date as the trade paperbacks of each volume (the Deluxe editions collect two at once), I can take my time coming up to speed with that series. There is, however, one more book on top of the 50+ that I’ve listed above, and I’ve saved it for last because I figure that I might as well end this sad, sad post on a comical note. The last book I bought was Alan Moore’s Lost Girls. Look it up if you like. It’s a porn book.


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