Some Final Notes Before We Begin…

Pretend that this my first prelude, um…part two. There were just some things I forgot to talk about in regards to how I’m going to be approaching this long series but, not to worry, I’ll be keeping this short.

1) There will be spoilers everywhere. That should probably be clear as a thing I do on this blog but it goes for this especially, being such a long run of what’s essentially the story that just happens to develop over the years it took to write.

2) There probably won’t be many, if any, traditional reviews where I talk about the writer, the art, perhaps the colourist, etc. First of all, whilst Morrison is the only writer, he gets put with a lot of different artists and, though I’ll talk about them where I feel like it, I may do so in separate posts to those in which I discuss the story. The reason being that there is a ridiculous number of issues that make up this run. For example, Batman and Son is our first book, and it feature issues 655-658, a prose story, then issues 663-666, and, the thing is, some of these chapters, as they’re called inside, don’t always connect chronologically – it doesn’t all form the one tale like any of Jeph Loeb’s books that we’ve read. Rather than review all of Batman and Son in the one post, then, what I’ll probably do is group together the stories I can review at once – though talk about the issues individually like I did in my read of The Black Casebook, where I used bold lettering at the start of each story – and make that the first part of the book’s review, followed by however many more I deem necessary. This goes for every book in the entire run. It’ll be easier to read and, without condensing each book into a single post, I think I’ll have more to talk about, which should be more interesting to read.

3) With the stories in older comics, such as those collected in The Black Casebook, being brought into continuity, I’ll probably spend a great deal of time pointing these out. Depending on how much of this happens at once, again, I may need to make posts between reviews discussing these, perhaps as annotations if possible.

4) Due to the back and forth nature of chronology, according to reviews I’ve read, we will probably be going back to story’s that I perhaps didn’t understand at one point, but can make sense of later. Could be confusing, so I’ll try to think of a good title to make these stand out more clearly.

And I think that’s it. As I’ve said, there’ll probably be some breaks from the run here and there, lest we lose the will to live, but, with all that needed said said, we can finally begin. See you next time for the first part of my Batman and Son review and, yes, I thought of a running title for this long series.


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