P.S. On Format

Contrary to what I what I said in what was supposed to be my last post, I’ve come to a new decision on my approach to this run after reading several of the chapters in Batman and Son. Although I’ll still do so where it seems okay, in some of the shorter trade paperbacks for instance, I’m probably not going to be reviewing groups of issues together as I thought I would. There are six in Batman and Son in total, seven if you count the prose story in the middle, but I feel that it will be for the best if I review each in separate posts.

You see, what I’ve been trying to do is combine the first two issues into the one post, part one of four to cover the book. It’s just not happening. What can I say, but that I have too much to say? Seriously, if I were to continue in my attempts at reviewing some of these issues all at once, I’d be faced with multiple migraines and the reader some of the worst sentence structure ever. So, look on the bright side: if we go issue by issue, it’ll be easier to read that way and there will be structure to my own reading of the series, by which I mean, something that seems to have no relevance in one issue may come back to surprise me in the next in the review of which I can talk about that. On the downside, we shall lose the cheesy title I had planned for the run. Ah, well, it’ll be worth it in the end.

A review of the first and second issues will be up tomorrow. Until then.


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