Going Forward: Some Final Thoughts on “Batman and Son”

A short post to finish things off seemed quite suitable before we move on to The Black Glove.

It’s been an interesting run so far but, fuck, do I have a lot of questions about where this is all going. It’s a testament to Morrison’s writing that I’m not really sure what he’ll do next. Seriously, all I expect is that the Satan worshipping Batman, his third ghost, will be rearing his head at some point soon, but I don’t know when. In fact, in The Black Glove I already know, from Morrison’s introduction in The Black Casebook, that one of the stories collected there is called The Island of Mr. Mayhew, that man being from an old story involving the Club of Heroes, which is a pretty unexpected direction to take Batman after Batman and Son‘s story arcs. Of course, my theory is that this Doctor Hurt, who Morrison again mentioned in his introduction to The Black Casebook’s collection of stories, is behind a lot of this, but it isn’t exactly easy at this point to understand exatly how far his involvement goes, and what exactly he’s done or is going to do to Bruce. Likewise, Talia’s a bit of a conundrum. Although she explained her plan in Absent Fathers, it’s hard to believe that that’s all she has up her sleeve. There’s surely something else going on there. How Damian will come to be the new Robin is another mystery I don’t care to think about this point after he’s beaten up Alfred and nearly killed Tim Drake. And, hell, Alfred himself seems shady in my book, though I hope this isn’t the case. He’s just Alfred, you know? Ah, but too many questions that we’ll simply have to wait to find out the answers to.

Let’s quickly talk about something else then. With the exception of The Clown at Midnight, which had some strange digital art going on, all the artwork was courtesy of Andy Kubert in Batman and Son. To be honest, skimming through the book, I’m not completely impressed by his work here, although I do wonder if I’d feel differently had he the same inker on hand as he did in Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader? It’s good, excellent in fact during the art exhibition story and Bethlehem, but not amazing. However, first on art duties in The Black Glove is J.H. Williams III. This excites me. In some post somewhere on this blog I mentioned buying Alan Moore’s Promethea series solely for his art and, believe me, it’s worth it. The same could be said of Batwoman: Elegy, which also looks amazing and I probably wouldn’t have been as interested in if he wasn’t on art duties. Hell, I’ve even recently bought the first issue and special edition of Sandman: Overture, despite not having even read Neil Gaiman’s original series (which I’ve also bought, god help me), simply because he’s the artist. That comic has a fold out page and everything, such is its glory. So, yes, this chap’s getting a separate post of his own in which I praise his artwork to no end if you haven’t guessed.

The other artist joining him in The Black Glove and who would appear to be the only artist on R.I.P. is Tony S. Daniel. At a glance this guy’s artwork doesn’t seem too bad at all – it just sucks for him that he’s sharing a book with Williams, who I’m afraid outshines him. But after R.I.P. we just get more and more artists, and it’s actually something that worries me about this run. Although I see a few familiar faces, such as Frank Quietly (who I bought my first Absolute-sized book, All Star Superman, for just to see his artwork in greater detail) and Frazer Irving, an artist from 2000AD, there’s other folk that look like they’ll be kind of generic unfortunately, so my concern is that I’m going to be bashing a lot of this stuff further on in this run. Hopefully none of it will be that bad though.

Naturally, and as I plan to avoid, Morrison could become a bore if he begins to retread over the same ground in later volumes of this run. In the future I’ll make a post detailing some likely candidates that we can use as a break from his run, though these may not necessarily be other comics. For some reason all I’ve used this blog for so far is reviews of my comics when I’ve been meaning to fill it with general thoughts on other things I’m quite passionate about, such as novels, video games and TV shows. Can’t say I’ve been reading any novels lately or playing any video games, but I have been watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer on Netflix for the first time in quite a long while, so I may make a post or two about how amazing that show is at some point in the future. Incidentally, I’ve even bought Season 8 of that series. Yes, the television show did end on Season 7 but the almighty Joss Whedon has actually, as I’ve only recently found out, made a Season 8 and 9 in the form of…comics! Naturally I bought the library editions, the same kind of oversized ones as Hellboy, as soon as I heard this, though they’re currently only available for Season 8. Either way, they’re nice new books to add to my collection and I was actually thinking of posting reviews, with plenty of images, of some of my favourite books in my collection to pass some time between all this Grant Morrison stuff, particularly since I got my hands on the slipcase edition of Alan Moore’s Lost Girls which is quite incredible itself.

So expect any of that, or possibly even none of it. We’ll just have to wait and see where I go with all this. Anyway, coming up soon is my chapter by chapter review of The Black Glove, with a separate one at some point gushing over my love for J.H. Williams III. Until then.


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