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Being completely done with Grant Morrison’s Batman run means I can finally get round to doing a lot of other things that I’ve talked about to no end, but never actually started on this blog of mine. There will finally be posts about the video games that I’ve been playing, novels that I’ve read recently, films I’ve watched, et cetera. But I do think that this blog is going to remain quite focused on my comics collection, especially since my renewed subscription to 2000AD and the Megazine means I’ll be reading and reviewing those every week to four weeks that they arrive at my home. When it comes to the next series of comics that I’ll be reading, however, well, I’m honestly not sure what I’ll read next.

On the one hand I could read standalone some standalone but, on the other hand, I could start a longer series again, which I could do write ups for in the same way as Morrison’s run. The problem is, there’s so much choice either way. The only thing you can be certain of is that I won’t be reading more of Grant Morrison for a while, even though I’d really like to write a review for All Star Superman, and I will most certainly be taking a break from Batman, despite the fact that Scott Synder’s ongoing Batman run of his own is calling on me. But what that leaves us to read instead I don’t honestly know yet. Hopefully I’ll make a decision soon and it’ll be a fairly good one. What I’m also trying to keep in mind is that I’ll be going on holiday in two month’s time so I don’t want to start a longer series like Hellboy, leave it, then come back to it forgetting stuff.

The one post that I do know will be coming is a review of Dredd, the 2012 film, based of course on 2000AD’s lead character. This is because I recently bought my first limited edition book which went up for sale on 2000AD’s online store and sold out in three days. It’s a hardcover version of the film’s screenplay and “storyboard”, actually a comic of its own that artist Jock created in the time that he worked on the film. Incidentally, it’s he who signs and numbers this particular copy, seemingly limited to 500. It’s only the first 300 that have sold out, the rest becoming available on other stores sometime in the future, I believe. Either way, I’m quite excitied to get my mitts on it in July and thought that I might as well write a review for the film seeing as I’ve splashed out fifty quid for it. Indeed, I would not have done so if I didn’t love the film.

There’s been a lot of films based on comics released in the last few decades, most of which have been adaptations of popular superheroes. The people I know would probably say that Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series or some of Marvel’s films, particularly Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, are the best films based on their respective comics. Though I can’t speak for the latter, not exactly being a Marvel fan, I do believe that the former director is actually incredibly overrated for reasons I might discuss in the future, especially his Dark Knight trilogy. Which leaves us with Dredd.

When a friend of mine unfamiliar with the character told me it was being released I could not have been any less excited, Stallone’s version having tainted any hope I had for a good film based on the character. So no fair chance was given – I didn’t look up who was on board for it, didn’t check to see if John Wagner or anyone else who has worked closely with the character was involved, and I did not see it in the cinema. It was sometime last year, I forget when exactly, that my dad borrowed a copy from someone at his work. Though he still hasn’t seen it, the fool, I went into as a sceptic but, to my great surprise, fucking loved it. Not only is it easily my favourite comic book adaptation of all time, it’s also one of my favourite films of all time too, and I hope that I can explain the reasons for that quite well in my forthcoming review.

Until then.


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