We’re moving!

You can find all the details of my new blog here.

Yes, it really is called Natterin’ Aboot Comics. Yes, it is going to be my focus from now on. But no, I won’t be abandoning this one. (In fact, I’ve hit yet another low as of last week and figure that’s something worth confessing to in a lengthier entry than usual, so look out for that.) Just give that introductory entry a read – it’s short and explains everything.

Done? Well, fuck it, I’mma pretend you went and read it anyway.

So, if you’re one of those mysterious people who seems to visit here somewhat regularly (I assume it’s the same people anyway) and you’ve enjoyed my reviews or big ridiculous readings of entire comic runs, like Grant Morrison’s Batman and over ten issues of the Judge Dredd Megazine, then maybe start checking the new blog out instead as it’s where all comic-related thoughts and material will be going from now on, and hopefully at a more consistent rate than my random entries here. But so this blog shall remain – plenty more random entries to come; just not at as often.