So, I’m Jordan, and this is my terribly named blog.

Whilst I attempt to wrap my head around the quarter-life crisis that I find myself stuck in – if such a thing even exists, mind you – and specifically try to work out if I want to pursue games development as a career, I figure that I might as well use this space to talk about video games in the meantime, since I do so enough anyway.

But I’ll probably talk about what I’ve been reading or watching too, as well as fill it to the brim with the self-deprecating thoughts I have when I find myself in the middle of a mental breakdown, during which time I realise that there is no light at the end of the cold, dark tunnel called One’s Life.

On the bright side, I’m Scottish, which by all accounts means I’m side-splittingly funny, even though that’s usually in a dark or sarcastic way, probably because we’re all alcoholics here and pass time by stabbing one another.

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